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New Way of Life

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When you live an intuitive life and are moving into living in a higher dimensional energy you have to ask the questions differently than when you didn’t/don’t, or you have to find a way to keep yourself open to whatever answer/ guidance you get.

I couldn’t make a decision between two people to fix a plumbing issue at a vacation rental I manage.  I got frustrated because I kept asking which one to use and my guidance wasn’t very helpful.  I assumed (!) that it didn’t matter and picked one.  I also became frustrated with myself for being so indecisive over  such a small issue.  WELL, I was guided to ask the people who installed the problematic toilet if there was a special trick since we keep having problems.  And Guess WHAT??  They are going out there to fix it.  It never occurred to me to ask about them because the toilet was installed 6 months ago and there services are expensive. 

I also realized I didn’t ask my guidance what is the best option overall; I just gave it a choice between two people because I let my brain get involved.  Now I know when I can’t make a decision it isn’t always because it doesn’t matter what the choice is, it could be because I limited the options so much I can’t get clear guidance.  I love that particular lesson came easily and painlessly.  

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