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Another Visionary Experience of Inner Shifting

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I just had a beautiful inner shift that was so viscerally real I want to share it with you all.  I was working with a friend (D) for some mutual energy support and some support for the human mass consciousness and D mentioned that she saw a new presence standing with me – a goddess.  The goddess had her hand on my shoulder.  I hadn’t noticed her.  D said the goddess would have a message for me.

As I was driving later I remembered this and asked the goddess what the message is for me from her.  It had something to do with my shifts being from within rather than external, like I see with so many other people.  Also, once again, it was time to stop limiting myself and expand my energy.  She then asked me if I was ready to do so.  I said YES!!

Then she asked me to repeat the words “I am ready to embrace my goddess energy” out loud.  As I did so I could feel the connection with my feminine powerhouse energy.  It wasn’t dramatic; it was a vast, dense feeling (although of a very high vibration) with yummy colors and feel to it.  I know I have asked/demand/ allowed myself to connect with my goddess energy before but since I am so much more open and have evolved so much more this was a much ‘deeper’ and more profound experience. It was exciting, fun and so right. I love that feeling.

BUT then as a little more time went by (a very little, hours) I kept feeling that something was off.  I then read some posts from a facebook friend who is healing her inner divine self through her interactions with men who provide examples of healed divine masculine energy.  It came to me that my opening/healing wasn’t complete.  So I was then guided to open to my inner divine masculine.  A VERY different feeling but equally as vast and yummy.  Also, it felt much more active.  As I integrated this energy with the goddess (divine feminine) I had already connected with, I felt more whole, more satisfied and settled in my energy and body.

What a great experience.  Oh, I had my usual reaction of falling back into my sugar/food addiction for a day while this was going on and didn’t sleep very much, but as the integration slowed down I was able to rest.  Today I am in the being phase where I just need to allow whatever else is going to change as a result of this inner change. The inner worry and voice that thinks it needs me to ‘do’ something is quiet (thank God).  And my body is tired from the overeating, not sleeping AND the integration.  The 'goddess' that showed up was an aspect of me guiding me to my next step in my awakeninig evolution.  I am grateful.

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