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I Know My Purpose

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My purpose in this life has been to grow into myself and in doing so, help others find their spiritual way (sometimes through direct honest posts, sometimes through facilitating their own healing/growth one on one).  No matter what else I try to do, intend, or focus on I am brought back to that over and over and over.    Grow into myself means open spiritually to all of who I am in this human body; embodying more and more of my higher self/ soul as I go.

Every action, incident, relationship and morsel of conscious intuitive guidance supports this purpose.  Luckily, as I have aged I have mellowed in the pace of the growth, which means it has gentled also.  Shew!!  For many years it was so intense I wasn’t sure I was going to stay in a human body.

When I forget this, I am buffeted by my own insecurities and depression, and oh my god the loneliness!!  But when I remember, I am calm, open-hearted, accepting and live with an expanded awareness of the sacred connection to everything/one.

So as this New Year opens, I am grateful to re-remember and reconnect with my purpose as I am facing big changes. 

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