Tuesday, 30 January 2018 22:07

Precious Awareness

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So you may not get the ‘things’ or relationships you want with others but the relationship with the true you will blossom, grow and become more magical with each passing moment.

That is the result of YEARS of ascension work; of growing into my own consciousness.  I now can feel god (the all that is, my expanded consciousness – whatever you want to call it) in my human body most of the time.  I wanted this so badly when I was new to spiritual growth.  If you go back to some old newsletters and blogs you will find I wrote about it years ago.    For this I am grateful.

I just thought it would bring me more in my everyday life - more mundane things like enough money to live on, better health (thinner body), a mate and deeper relationships with friends. I have less and less and in some ways my everyday life has become much harder.

But in others, oh the other ways.  I see the magic in the leaves on the tree; heck the tree talks to me.  I feel the oneness in the conservative republican roommate I have (even as I cannot understand her point of view).  I feel the constant ‘more’ that is with me even when as I also feel fear about my lack of income or worsening health. I remember that I will be taken care of when that fear arises and can reconnect with the eternal calmness of myself quicker.

Was it worth all the growing pains?  I don’t think so and I am still loving up the part of me a teensy bit (or a lot on some days) irritated at how hard it has been for me.   However, I still love how it feels right now and appreciate the preciousness of it allEdited Pic of me 2

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