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Becoming all that IS!!

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I have been going through some intense energetic/spiritual ‘upgrades’ since January with the intensity hitting a fevered pitch in May (as it has for most everyone else).  Then last week I became everything for a short period of time.

I once read another accounting of the same thing but until I actually experienced it, I had no idea how it could possibly feel.  My conscious awareness expanded so much that I could not feel any physical (and much of the energetic) boundaries whatsoever.  I couldn’t feel my body, the phone or the bed.  The person on the other end of the phone became another aspect of me.  The best part was how freeing it felt.  I wasn’t worried about anything on this earth. It was quiet, peaceful and comfortable.

From that level anything was/is possible.  I found my friend’s energy signature and just loved her.  When I work with someone psychically I ‘see’ what is going on in my mind’s eye even as I know what to assist with next.  There was no need for this session.  I became every aspect of the energy that was shifting and the part that was not.  When I say I found her, I didn’t see her psychically, I touched (as in became aware of and felt) her soul signature and the aspect which individuated into the body.  I experienced it as an intensification of my energy/awareness; a tiny flare of joy. She experienced it as a fast/intense and painful upgrade in the energy in her body.  You know, one of those spiritual growth things that seems a little fast for the body and the body resists with pain and uncomfortableness.

To me it felt like this lasted 5 minutes but in the human world 2 hours passed. I was able to talk the whole time although trying to describe what was happening was very difficult as my mind wasn’t always on board with what was going on (probably why I was able to stay in that energetic space for so long). We had long periods of silence where what needed to happen just did. I wasn’t trying to trust, I became the vibration of trust.

The next few days were odd as in it felt very different to be focused on the physical world and everyday life.  It took me a few days to come all the way back to my body and when I did some old limiting emotions/agreements/energy also flowed up and out to heal.  This was so deep that I then became very uncomfortable while it was happening.  But it is energy I have wanted to heal/release for years, so YAY!!

Now my intuitive guidance for the past two days has been to rest.  Just be.  Allow a settling in from all the changes.  I am not good with resting but I am allowing it this time.

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