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I Am Listening

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I am being intuitively guided in a direction for a way to earn money and a way to approach my health.  I am listening.  I don’t like either way, but I am listening and accepting. I am listening to the direction AND the pace.  I am not struggling or pushing right now.  I am accepting.  I cannot even begin to tell you how different that is for me.

15 years ago when I also felt lost and my health was bad (really bad – like cancer bad) I actually was guided towards the EXACT SAME direction.  I didn’t listen for different reasons. I deliberately chose to go in a different direction and it has taken 15 years of very hard work to get back to the place of really knowing what is in perfect alignment for me. I do not know if it is the wisdom of aging or just tired of fighting but I am also very willing to be carried along rather than barge ahead.

Now I am loving myself up from the shame and incredible upset that I derailed myself for 15 years.  I am healing from the shame of not listening before when so many hints and signs were given to me.  I am loving the me that was so ego filled I couldn’t accept even as I struggled to get a spiritual healing business going (OY!!).

I thank God and myself for all the inner healing that I have demanded, allowed and received.  I am listening and allowing -  and very relieved and hopeful.

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