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New Way of Assisting in Healing Others

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I have recently been guided to assist in others' healing differently.   I used to imagine them perfectly healthy in the way my mind understood perfect health, no pain, no illness, strong, vibrant and flexible, but really it is none of my business. It is between them and their higher selves/inner beings as to what is healthy for them.

Instead I have been guided to go inward to connect more thoroughly with my own vibrant eternal energy (or as much as I can sense) and through that connect with the part of the eternal energy /god that is them; kind of like a booster. However that sorts out in their body is up to their contract, beliefs, limitations, desires, etc.

It helps me ground and expand and calm. It helps me reconnect with my own self-love. It keeps me very neutral as to what happens with their energy (and mine). And I can assist in a very small way in revitalizing their energy and connection with it. It is a win win.


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