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Becoming More ME!

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When I was 17 I knew I wanted to be an artist and a healer.  I thought that meant I needed to pursue an education in the medical field (for me that meant being a doctor); then I thought I could combine my loves and be a medical illustrator.  But the ‘rules’ of the educational system weren’t for me and ultimately it was the wrong path with which to pursue my passion anyway.  I am now 60 and have taken many turns along the way and still my passions are healing and art.  No change, except it took me a long time to get back to remembering and accepting this.

I am more relaxed about it now.  I am willing to do work that doesn’t stir my heart to support what does. I am not, however, willing to work with people or to perform work that is not aligned with MY integrity. I am much more careful of where I spend my time and energy – definitely more focused on my passions/purpose than earning money.  I also no longer search, try or strive for the ‘right’ thing to do to earn money with what I love. I struggled for so long about that but I accept it will come if it is the right thing for me.

So now I focus on where my inner guidance leads me.  I continue to embrace more and more of  my higher self/inner being/G’d in order to clear out old  patterns that prevent me from making great decisions – financially, energetically, for my health etc.   I meditate a lot, sit with myself and my own inner true self (G’d –self) a lot.  I am back to creating art pieces that I pray over and give away while some bigger projects are percolating just under the surface, almost ready to be born.   And I support others in their spiritual growth and healing when and where I can, even while I am also a called to do a lot of energy facilitation for various factions of the mass consciousness, earth and the multiverse.

So are you holding on to an idea or a limiting belief that your life has to look or proceed a certain way?  Let go and let yourself be comforted by satisfaction and contentment.  Who knows, something wonderful may come that you never thought of.

Enjoy the journey

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