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Saturday, 13 March 2010 17:44

An Initiation- Into a More Integrated Me

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 So after my exquisite moments of perfect alignment, and realization that I was actually fully living my soul purpose in those moments on Thursday, I went through a spiritual and energetic initiation into the next phase of my life.  It was conducted through a friend of mine who is a Hindu monk.  It was gently powerful and felt very sacred.

It was supported through the metaphor of planting a garden in my heart, with various seeds representing various healings, releases, and embracing of certain qualities (compassion, surrender, forgiveness, patience, gratitude etc).  The planting of each seed was accompanied by waves of energy shifts and various body pains as places of resistance cleared out.  We surrounded the garden with two herbs that help dispel negativity and resistance (wish I could remember what they were now but the energy is there).

I forgave all who hurt, neglected and triggered me.  I thanked them for their service and assistance in helping me find my way back to myself.  I forgave myself for choosing that kind of a path and for meandering off my path at various times in this life.  I chose to allow myself a greater compassion for my efforts and thoughts.  I surrendered even more.  I loved up my impatience and dispelled the distrust it covered up by embracing the trust that is already there (and has always been there).   I embraced my knowing that these inner shifts are already creating outer changes in my life and that I do not have to ‘make’ anything happen at all.  I will be inspired to take action when it is appropriate.  I expanded my consciousness while this initiation continued.

It wasn’t the words that were important, I have said them before during other shifts.  It was the acceptance and gentle shift into a higher, more expanded, vibration of myself that was the purpose of this initiation into a more integrated existence for me.  Sometimes these shifts are more energetic or mental than emotional or physical.  Now when I shift there is no separation or illusion of separation between any aspect of myself in this human body.

And to think I had no idea why I was called to an Ashram a little over a month ago.  That visit cleared the way for integrating a beautiful higher aspect of me (which I first thought was a new guide), then this exquisite moment, then this initiation yesterday.  I believe I would have eventually allowed this to happen but I am not sure it would have been as gentle or felt as loving has I listened to my fears and not gone to the Ashram. I am grateful.

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