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Abundance Comes In Many Ways

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I am appreciating all the abundance in my life today.  

During the past month so much support, love and comfort has come my way that I am wallowing in the delight of it all. I still have not developed or fallen into (depending on how you look at it) a means of earning more money, yet I am taken care of.  Isn’t that what we have been hearing/reading of the higher dimensional energy living?

Let me give you some examples so you can review your own life and appreciate the abundance you may not yet notice. I reconnected with an acquaintance I knew 7 years ago to trade with for help in manifesting my spiritual shifts and energy/emotional desires into the physical world.  I believe the trade has been effective for both of us. A friend paid for a good chunk of the cost of my visit to the ashram last week.  Without that, I would not have been able to go.  Two different people I don’t know gave me rides to and from the airport to the ashram – 2.5 hours each way.  A devotee of the ashram’s swami (my friend is the swami) paid for half of my food while I was there.  Some of the rest of it was provided by the ashram.  The swami gave me indian cooking lessons, with reviews of spices particularly good for digestion (an issue I am leaving behind now).  Two friends met me in LA when I got back for dinner so I was entertained while I waited for traffic to become reasonable so I could drive home to Encinitas (1.5 hours).  AND they waited for me with good cheer and grace (I was about an hour late).  They also paid for half of my dinner, did a money activation intention with me, and gave me a very good quality raincoat that one of them no longer used (I needed it).  I got home and my cat was clearly ok with his care, always a worry for me because he is so finicky and neurotic. Several friends checked in with me over the week and the one I am trading with made time for a session while I was there.

Isn’t all of that lovely?  As I rest and let everything assimilate from last week I am also basking in gratitude for my friends and for how I have been taken care of.

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