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Sunday, 10 October 2010 21:45

your core purpose rules at all times

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I know the main driving spiritual force in my life has been the desire and commitment to exist in total faith while living an every day life in the world (rather than as a monk).   I have described it as living every day as the god I AM, with no illusions or duality covering any of it, while in a human body. Living that way all my needs are met because I am in the flow of co-creation at all times.

As I move into the higher dimensional living these core desires/drives/purposes get uncovered and I become them more and more.  It shows up in every aspect of my life but none more dramatically as with my income, mostly because money is such a touchy and hard issue for me.  So right now as I need money it shows up but only exactly as much as I  need and only when it is needed for something in alignment with my higher self.

So rent money shows up the day rent is due, not a moment before.  I don’t make or earn anything ‘extra’ to put in savings.  Part time jobs are offered at the right time even before I need the exact amount of money they will bring me.  When I apply for jobs that are not right for me, I either don’t hear back or something goes wrong in the possible hiring process.  For instance, I recently applied to work Christmas at a local store.  They sent an email telling me to use their automated system to schedule an interview.  When I tried to go to the page their link sent me to, no schedule could be found even though the page clearly says use this page to schedule an interview!!

I also do not get money for whatever is not in my highest and best good.  I want to go back to the doctor to get different medicine for an ongoing condition that I think is not being handled properly by my current meds.  At this time I do not have enough money to do that.   When I could calmly ask my intuitive guidance about it (after demanding that the money come because my needs are supposed to be met) I clearly heard that the new meds would harm me in other ways and that I have been asking to heal some food addiction issues and the current meds will handle my condition if I choose to eat differently. So it is all connected and all designed to support me at my highest and best good, in alignment with my highest self. It is not designed to make me happy for right now, although in the long run the joy potential is tremendous.

Another interesting side effect is that psychics can’t seem to get any information on how I can earn additional income, just as I cannot get information for a monk friend of mine about her future place to live.  We are both in a spiritual/energetic place of walking in faith and our higher selves are no longer letting us pretend otherwise.  Is there something in your life that is similar, something that doesn’t seem to make sense or that is stubbornly refusing to change for what you consider to be better?  My guess is there is a core purpose being served and if you can connect with that purpose all sort of shifts will occur.

I know we will become very comfortable with this way of living and think nothing of it but the transition is a teeter-totter balancing act between what we have been taught and have always done and what is true for us now.  My expectation of what higher dimensional living would be like has been shattered and now I am finding my way each day through and with my strong internal guidance to what it actually is.  I intellectually knew it would consist of my needs being met at all times but I forgot the part where there would be a lot of sifting out of what is needed vs what is wanted and I sort of romanticized my level of trust and acceptance of the timing of it all.  Now I find reassurance standing side by side with fear and worry as I move further into trust and acceptance.  It is a growthful time indeed.

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