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Saturday, 10 October 2009 11:07

Am I Pretty Today?

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This may seem like an unusual topic for someone leading a spiritual life and trying to live as god in a human body but I think it is totally appropriate. Self-acceptance and loving myself are the foundation of my spiritual evolution.

I have worked on it, surrendered to it, made great strides in that area and continue to allow more evolution in my acceptance of my self and in loving myself unconditionally.  Yet…  I am finding as this level of my integration (of my intense spiritual awareness and expansion into my human body) progresses all kinds of difficulties are arising from the schism in my intuitive knowing, as well as energetic shifts, and the old ingrained and entrained American societal rules.

My energy did a shift on Wednesday night and I woke up Thursday feeling great.  I had a lot of physical energy and interest.  My spirits lifted.  Today I felt pretty good also, except during a conversation with someone and a tiny bit afterwards.  But I noticed something interesting, something I have noticed it before but it sort of really yelled at me today.

I felt very pretty today.  I felt happy with myself and my body.  When I feel uplifted I think I look good and sexy, my step has a bounce in it, I am at peace with the world.  I feel awash in soft love for me and for every one else. My hair cooperates and hangs beautifully too!! Really, it does.

Then I looked in the mirror and saw an overweight, middle-aged, not so pretty person staring back at me and immediately deflated.  My own inner judgment about what a sexy, vital person looks like got in my way. Apparently my evolution needs a bit more work!!!

It is like that with me.  When I am connected inside to Source I feel beautiful.  When I get disconnected all I do is judge and complain.  Normal for anyone but now because of the separation in the dimensions on and of earth  I CAN’T STAND IT.

So this afternoon I intended all of the old beliefs, agreements, judgments and negativity (again, my judgment) transform and catch up with the rest of me that is enjoying my journey through the higher vibrations. I watched a few hours of tv shows on the computer then went to an art reception yesterday early evening and enjoyed myself.

After all of that, last night when I looked in the mirror I loved the way I looked.


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