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Saturday, 18 September 2010 21:47

feeling god, and feeling good

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How do you feel?

After all the self-improvement, spiritual awakening, and listening to your inner guidance, how are you? Are you appreciating and enjoying life more?  Do you stay in alignment with your higher self or get back into alignment as soon as you notice you have drifted a bit?  I notice my journey back to alignment is faster than ever before.

Instead of feeling bad about myself for days like I used to when I am around others who are judging me, sometimes I don’t even notice.  However, sometimes I do feel bad or upset for a short time.  I usually get out of it pretty quickly because I am in contact with the inner eternal aspect of myself that is loving and expanded.  It is the natural me, the real me and  I no longer resonate much with the false me that has played the earth game of feeling bad about myself. It is only when I lose that conscious contact or understanding that I allow myself the experience of not feeling good.

While finishing the book I am writing, I reviewed all of my journals, articles, blogs and writings since 1994.  This has been a great way to see how I have changed.  These days, even when I am in the midst of any emotional waves the intensity and duration of the roller coaster effect is much less than it used to be.  I would have told you years ago that I wanted the lows because I craved the highs but I had no idea what feeling good was really like.  That constant inner hum of God is so much richer and more satisfying than those old ‘highs’ I am thrilled to have grown enough to experience it.

Last weekend I healed the part of me that truly thought I was bad.  As soon as that belief released I was able to recognize and reconnect more thoroughly with the love and expansion that I AM.  I have connected little by little over the years but the two strong core limiting beliefs of not wanting to be in a human body and that I was bad kept me from really experiencing this I AM as me.  It was more like a lofty, intellectual, and intuitive goal.

Now I KNOW and there is no going back!!!!

Want to release YOUR limiting beliefs/karma/energies to feeling your inner god-self?  Contact me for fabulous healing and spiritual growth assistance.  See website for more info.  If you are reading this on my website, see the menu on the left to contact me.

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