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Sunday, 12 September 2010 01:00

appreciating change

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So how goes it with you?  Are you noticing all the changes that you are being directed to make?

I am in a phase of experiencing rather than writing.  It is very unusual for me. I know that many of us have had shifts in our lives to align with the change in our vibrations or we are in the middle of the shifts now.  Part of my changes has been to more focus on my books and my activities, less on the computer, articles and blogs.  I have also picked up my sewing again.  I am participating in some local groups whereas for quite a while I was very isolated and internal. Last year I tried 7 different groups and couldn’t make myself continue with any of them.

It also seems to me that the internal shifting slowed for a few weeks then sped up again and that we may be addressing some similar issues that were not quite fully healed BUT we are going deeper and finding different hurts, limitations, energies and old stories to release or heal.  And can you even remember last week?  It is fuzzy in my mind because I feel like I shed so much old stuff that I can’t even remember what I did when I carried it all.  It is like trying to remember a fading dream, the more you focus on it the less you actually remember.

I notice the more I keep my thoughts fully present the easier it is to handle all of this.  I also need a lot more physical activity than was comfortable even 6 months ago, preferably outside in the sun.  I need the balance to remain calm and centered.  I have to take time each day to remember I am an expanded being of light and do not need to be attached to anyone else’s energy or any lower vibration energies out in the world.  I also meditate differently.  I direct my attention into the expanded energy of me and hang there.  I am directing my inner healing/transformation less and less, trusting more and more that my intention to be in alignment with my higher self is all I need.

It is fascinating to be aware of the changes while in the midst of them.  I am enjoying this and am doing my best to go with the flow.  I find myself more and more grateful for the support and help I receive from humans and spirits, and so deeply honored when I get to assist others.  It is a pleasure.  I sure hope you are able to enjoy your own reactions and actions to and within the ascension of earth at this time.

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