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High Vibrational Living: 
Supercharge Your Awakening Process. 

Channeled by my higher self, written by Eileen Silon.  This is one of those books of 21 day daily exercises designed to lead you to a fuller life with less limitations through energy shifts that build upon each other. Your inner changes will be guided by the powerful energy that wrote the book and infuses every line. Download the PDF for $15.95.

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Download Audio File for $15.95.



Magic-Book Miracles, Magic and Mayhem: 
y Amazing Spiritual Journey

I have written about the incredibly amazing visions, spirit visitations, teachings, people, events,  serendipities, and intuitive guidance that have come to me in my spiritual awakening  journey and how it has all changed me.  I included the processes I learned from my spiritual teachers, those that came to me as I was guided to work with my clients and many visions that helped me change from a rather angry, lonely mundane closed-off person to someone who walks knowing she is an aspect of god in a human body, without any doubts.  It is alternately funny, sad, powerful and enlightening but always jaw dropping. You will enjoy it and be inspired.

Carlsbad, CA, USA

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