Spiritual Evolution Boost Teleconference


We are all evolving to higher dimensional beings while in the human body. Take the next step in your own spiritual evolution smoothly and easily. This Boost is powerful yet gentle, effective and unique to each person.

Eileen will connect with the higher self of each participant to help support you in allowing whatever is next for you — for example, releasing a block or limiting belief, healing long held trauma or oppressed emotion, embracing inner wisdom, shifting your own time line, or allowing deeper integration of higher aspects of you. Think of it as a deep cleaning, a tune up and an upgrade all at once.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced in your spiritual evolution and inner healing, you will benefit from this Spiritual Evolution Boost.

This Teleconference is discontinued at this time. Check back often to see when they will start up again.  


"I wanted to thank you for the Teleconference -- it felt like a deep healing to me; very nice."

Lifetime Numerologist, MJ Click here for MJ's bio
Carlsbad, CA, USA

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