Guided Energy Healing

These Guided Energy Healing Exercises are channeled by my higher self to assist you with creating specific energy shifts.  They are more than meditations for healing or visualizations as the energy infused in the recording connects with your inner knowing to guide a deeper shift, support the release of inner resistance and reassure any part of you to allow change.  They can be used over and over.  Download the MP3 of your choice for $5 each.


Frayed-ropeCutting the Ties that Bind - Release any cords inappropriately connecting you to any other person, place or thing.  Use this any time you find yourself unable to walk away from a toxic person, a bad job, a needy acquaintance, a psychic vampire, an overbearing relative, a relationship that is not right for you but you just can't leave it, etc. Purchase and download this Energy Exercise.

whitelightshininginblackbkgrdEmbracing Fear with Abandon  - An easy reassuring way to approach any fear directly and with compassion. Learn to shine your light on fear rather than resisting or fighting it. Purchase and download this Energy Exercise.

brightstarinblueWallowing in the Bliss of Your Higher Self - Connect with the yumminess of your higher or inner (depending on your belief) self.  It will help you learn more about your own intuitive guidance and, heck, it just feels good. Coming Soon

innerpeaceUnited YOU Stand  - Welcome back all the parts of you that you tucked away for safe keeping and those that have been hidden for a long time just waiting until you were ready to be whole. This will include some soul retrieval, some intense integration and healing of some oppressed/suppressed emotions. Purchase and download this Energy Exercise.

happysadmasksDrama to Delight - Dealing with drama uses a lot of energy and focus distracting you from what is true for you. Let go of the addiction to drama and watch your life, and your spiritual evolution, unfold easier.  Coming Soon

manleavingjailLimitations Be Gone - Get out of the limitation jail.  Let go of limiting beliefs and binding energy. Let yourself soar. Purchase and download this Guided Energy Exercise.

SillyhappydogSilly Saves the Day - Wallow in extreme silliness and inner joy.  Lighten up. Remember what it is like to have that wonderful childlike way of being so you will be open to all kinds of possibilities. Stay positive in the face of whatever happens in your life. Your life will change after you tap into this joy. 

suncloudDropping the Disappointment Dance - Disappointed or bitter with where your life is or how someone treated you?  Heal the emotions, release the stress and trauma, and dissolve the old energetic and physical memories and expectations.  Then let the sun shine again!!  Purchase and download this Guided Energy Exercise.

Aligning with Abundance - Align and open to the abundance of the universe and bring it into every aspect of your every day life.  Purchase and download this Guided Energy Exercise.

Love and Accept Yourself  - Be at peace with who you are, your decisions, and what is going on in your life so all resistance will fall away. All is possible when you come from a place of acceptance. Coming Soon

Heart Healing – Open your heart and let that beautiful energy flow better. Heal the inner heart pain.  All healing on any level of who you are or in any area of your life can only occur with an open heart. Coming Soon

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