Healing for you


Maintain your own energetic boundaries no matter where you are who you are around.

Release emotional and energetic blocks to being who you are.

Let go of limiting beliefs, old programming, and agreements with yourself.

Clear your home or business from unwanted and negative energies.

Healing the emotional and metaphysical reasons for your physical problems.

Manifest joy, love and abundance.

Finding self-acceptance and self-love again.

Remembering you are an aspect for God.

Stop playing small.

I support you in reconnecting with your soul/god self/inner being, in remembering you are an aspect of god, totally and unconditionally loved and accepted just as you are. Along the way we discover your purpose here, how to connect you with the abundance and joy you already are, change toxic patterns in any area of your life, and even open you to multidimensional healing and intuitive awareness.

During our sessions, I am guided to work with you in the way that is the most helpful to you. I open myself to the vast All That Is to receive information and support you in doing whatever you are wanting to do (or your higher self is wanting your earthly self to do).

My commitment in this life is to uncover and integrate my mastery as a fully conscious being in a human body. Part of that mastery includes an incredible array of intuitive, healing and spiritual talents that I love to share. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and claircognizant. The images, information and healing come from your higher self to me. I report it all to you and help amplify the energy so that you may allow whatever change is offered. Often possible futures are revealed to you during our sessions.



  • Linda White Dove, M.Ed.

    As an energy healer of many years on an awakening path, I am very picky when it comes to spiritual healers. Eileen is that rare spiritual healer with the experience, skill level, and adaptability to meet me in the way I need to be meet. Her guidance is extremely accurate. She seems to know just where to focus our work, even when I do not have the words to describe what I need or feel. I like that I can tell her with I am thinking and feeling without being judged, even things that have a lot of emotional pain, or that many healers might consider "far out." Her work is very effective in moving through difficult emotions that kept me stuck, and because she also sees and knows how to work with the energy patterns underneath the emotions and situations, her work keeps me from repeating the same behaviors and emotions over and over. I highly recommend Eileen and her work.

    — Linda White Dove, M.Ed.

  • Lexa Finley

    "I love how you heal. You are sincere, light-hearted, non-judgmental and right on the money with what is going on with me. I can't wait for another session!"

    — Lexa Finley

  • Meg Barbour

    "I am grateful for the transformational work I've done with Eileen Silon. She is a wise gifted intuitive healer and pioneer. She empowers clients to find their own connection with source. To surrender to a greater power. To find their true self, voice, and mission/purpose. She courageously forges the path by doing her own healing work. Her honesty, vulnerability, and sense of humor are incredible gifts.

    As a direct result of working with Eileen, I am much lighter, clearer, and freer. My life is filled with more gratitude, ease, flow, gentleness, and compassion. I make decisions from my heart and gut now -- trusting I am being guided each step of the way on my path.

    In this new space -- I'm creating my life from the inside out -- from luscious joyful playful energy. I have a greater sense of wonder, awe, beauty, courage, love, and peace. My life is filled with more Magic, Sparkles, Giggles, Laughter, & Lusciousness. Thank you Eileen for being YOU.

    — Meg Barbour, www.thebarbourshop.com

Carlsbad, CA, USA

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