Metaphysical Living - this 4 week teleclass is perfect for those of you drawn to angels, spiritual readings, channeled material about god or otherworldly creatures but have not yet mastered your own intuition or channeling skills.  You may even have heard from (or seen) your own spirit guides or aspects of your higher self but, again, have not become comfortable with constant communication and the guidance or channeling.    You will be taught processes to make it easier and to embrace any resistance.  Each class will involve some direct healing and clearing facilitated by Eileen to support your own inner expansion. You will have plenty of time to participate and ask questions.  $85 for all 4 classes (if paid ahead of the first class) click here to purchase or $25 for each class, click here to purchase.  All processes will be emailed to you after the class in which they are taught. Offered upon request.

Multidimensional Expansion and Healing- this 4 week teleclass series is being offered to those of you who are already comfortable with your intuitive and psychic skill level.  You may even earn an income from using those skills efectively and now you want to increase your client base and open to more of your spiritual and healing talents.  During this class you will learn how to expand your awareness to many dimensional levels and many time lines, as well as help your clients and yourself to move into more supportive dimensions and time lines.  You will learn how to pay attention to, and facilitate change in, the microscopic and immediate levels of healing as well as the macroscopic and epic levels.  You will be taught how to notice the various components that need to be addressed for permanent healing - cultural, biological, DNA, soul family, programming (in many areas), auxilliary agreements, oppressed  or dissociated aspects, oppressed emotions, governing subconscious beliefs and akashic agreements, etc.You will also be introduced to how to help your clients and yourself allow their/ your more powerful higher selves to create the shifts and healing desired.  All specific processes taught will be emailed after the classes.  $100 for 4 classes if paid before the first class or $30 per class, click here to pay.  No classes scheduled at this time. Contact me to get one started.

Getting to Know your Higher/Inner Being Better - Psychic & Intuition Development - Reconnect clearly with that magical, wise inner/higher part of you that provides guidance for your highest and best good (your intuitive and psychic side of you), make the connection stronger, and recognize the difference between that guidance and your thoughts. Find out how you connect with your intuition and what stops you from using it all the time. Discuss and discover what happens when you develop and grow enough that you integrate your inner being. Good class for beginners and intermediates. $60  Approximately 2 HOURS Click here to purchase

Quick and Easy Spiritual Evolution Tools - All kinds of quick and easy visualizations and energy processes that make it easier for you to handle the chaos of the changing earth energies and your own internal energy/ascension shifts (and to lovingly support you through any resistance to those changes). This class is good for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. We will discuss and practice many of the tools in class. The tools are practical for every day use as well as esoteric for the deepest of shifts. $50 1.5 HOURS Click here to purchase

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Payment – you can pay by credit card through PayPal, check or cash. All payment is expected in advance unless I have agreed otherwise.

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